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Available Puppies

Our puppies go fast!

To reserve a puppy, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.


Puppies will be only available as pets/companions. We do not offer AKC registration on our pet/companion puppies. If this is an issue, please feel free to look elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding.



Black & Tans, Black & Creams, Chocolate & Tans, Reds, Sables, Wild Boars and Brindles

Males starting at $2500

Females starting at $2800


Dapples, Chocolate Creams, Cream Sables, Shaded Creams and Clear Creams

Males starting at $2800

Females starting at $3000


Chocolate Dapples

Males and Females tarting at $3200-$3400

Chocolate dapples are a very uncommon color combination. We only have a few of these puppies born each year, and they are our most requested. As such, we are pricing them accordingly.


The stated prices above are our base price. We reserve the right to raise or lower the price of our puppies.


In addition to our dicount for repeat and multiple puppy customers, we are proud to offer a discount to our veterans, military personel and first responders as a heart felt thank you to our heros.


To see some pictures and comment about our puppies, please visit the customer commentary page.


We will no longer be adding families to our waiting list. It takes a lot of work maintaining a waiting list and we asked that anyone on it to please contact us if they change their mind or find another puppy so we can remove them from the list, and very few people have had the courtesy to do so. When we contact each family on the list we need to wait, sometimes a few days, until they get back to us saying they are no longer interested before we can contact the next name on the list. It is because of this that we will no longer keep a waiting list. We will continue to contact everyone already on our list, but we wont add anyone else to it. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please keep checking on our website and we will have any available puppies posted.

Thank You.

Songcatcher Dachshunds

Updated 7/19/24

Cecilia X Prince


Born: 5/12/24

Black & Cream Longhair Male



Shaded Cream Longhair Male



This boy is going to be petit.

Shaded Cream Longhair Female A



Shaded Cream Longhair Female B



Delilah X Prince


Born: 5/18/24

Black & Cream Longhair Dapple Female



This precious little girl has one blue eye.


Photos taken by "Kelly Rogers Lifestyle Photography"

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